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Dundee Organix

Suppliers of Open Pollinated, Heirloom, Organic Seeds.

Based in the Northern Territory of Australia

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Seed Packets

Minimalist packet printing for a low carbon footprint

Heirloom Seeds

All seeds are hand selected from organic seed stock.

Tropical selection

It is amazing what can be achieved in the tropics

Remote location

No chemical overspray from neighbouring farms

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What are open pollinated seeds?

What are open pollinated seeds?

Updated - A brief description of what are and why to use open pollinated and heirloom seeds.
Garden beds for the tropical wet season

Garden beds for the tropical wet season

Updated - Tips for growing a productive garden in the wet season tropics from our experience at Dundee Organix.
Updated - Moon Planting

Updated - Moon Planting

Updated - Explaining when best times to plant seedlings and our methods used gained from years of experience.

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