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Updated - Moon Planting

We highly recommend planting your seeds in accordance with the cycle of our moon. As you will be aware the moon has a great influence on everything around us, and plants are no exception. When we first started I dismisses the theory of moon planting as a placebo. But there is a science behind it, and we have first hand experience with these systems that work to give best yields.

The moon month starts with the new moon (no moon in sky), it then waxes to first quarter and full. Moon early in the night sky until full. Then after the full moon it wanes back to third quarter and new, with the moon rising later in the night sky.

There are many techniques on the net about moon planting, look them up and find one that suits your garden and lifestyle.

We use a very basic structure, concentrating on growth and yield. We plant all our seeds 2 days after the new moon for 7 days. This gives a high moisture content in the ground as the water table is drawn up and the dark nights gives high germination rates, and a good deep root structure. As the moon waxes into the full, the more light at night gives extra plant growth.

After 4 weeks the cycle starts again, and the plant is ready for its growth cycle reaching close to mature plant in next 4 weeks, setting flowers in the final stage, or the 3rd new moon. High moisture content in the ground aids the flower health for pollination hence yields are superior to plants out of cycle.

Root crops are planted 2 days after the full moon for the same cycle. Leafy greens and plants that grow for longer periods such as egg plants and chili's are not as reliant to these planting times, but keep in mind that the plants will follow these cycles and may produce slow results while they wait for the moon.

Remember most plants that yield fruit have 3 stages in their short productive life of about 90 - 120 days.

First 30 days: Germination and root

Second 30 days: Growth to full mature height.

Final stage - 30 45 days, Growth, set flowers and yield produce.

All in sync with the moon cycle.

There are other times during the cycle where we add our natural manure liquid fertilizers and turn soils etc, But because the plants are already working in with the moon cycles, these times are already presented to us when we have free time from picking fruit from vines or bushes, normally in the final waning to new moon.

I try not to be philosophic about this as I have too much work to do on the farm. But it works, and works well. I have seen ground water in a well during the latter part of the dry season rise and fall with these cycles, sometimes up to a meter in height. This was a time of year where there was no chance of rains influencing ground water tables.

There are many ancient cultures where their calendars start on the new moon, and this is not just for planting times but influences of nature we have forgotten in our modern culture. Integration of old knowledge with modern technologies gives results of flavour and size unseen in modern, chemical, food production. Growing organic foods does not mean growing inferior produce, far from it.

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