Corn - Golden Bantam

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Sweet flavour with 1 - 2 cobs per stalk. Grows up to 160cm and requires loamy, well fed soil. Grow in blocks to aid pollination. Will bear all year but will need protection from the wind during storms. Pollination is the key here to give full cobs. native bees love the flower stalks, and makes great livestock feed after harvest. Better suited to dry season sowing. We have had great success with wet season yields, protection with wind breaks are a must from monsoonal storms.


  • Time - All year
  • Sow - 2cm deep - 20cm apart
  • Bed type - Raised beds, Loamy and fertile
  • Watering - drip or spinners, not overhead.
  • Position - Full sun
  • Harvest in 65 days


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