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Cucumber - Market More

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Heirloom variety, never bitter and good firm fruit. Vines to be grown on a trellis to reduce mold, reduce fruit spoiling and aid pollination. set up trellis's to run north south, this will give morning sun on one side and afternoon sun on the other. This reduces heat stress and gives even sunshine over the plant for maximum returns. Best grown on mounds with drip irrigation. Avoid planting different cucumber species in same area's as cross pollination will result in fruit and seed. May require a neem spray before flowering stage to reduce influx of pests. See natural pesticide section on home page.
  • Time - March - September
  • Sow - 1cm deep - 30cm apart
  • Bed type - Raised beds, Loamy and well manured, Trellis up to 2m
  • Watering - drip or spinners, not overhead.
  • Position - Full sun
  • Harvest in 65 days


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