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Organic Fertiliser Pellets 1Kg

Organic Fertiliser Pellets 1Kg

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A certified organic fertiliser in pellet form. 

 Nitrogen (N)  3.60% Iron (Fe) 2000mg/kg
  Phosphorous (P) 3.10% Manganese (Mn) 300mg/kg
  Potassium (K)  4.00% Copper (Cu) 70mg/kg
  Sulphur (S)  1.63% Zinc (Zn) 300mg/kg
  Calcium (Ca) 6.29% Boron (B) 220mg/kg
  Magnesium (Mg) 0.67% Molybdenum (Mo) 6mg/kg
  Silicon (Si) 1.40% Cobalt 3mg/kg
  Carbon 25.00%    


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