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Our own trees that produce large fruit with orange flesh. Excellent flavour with perfect texture.

A tall tree with large fruit with orange flesh, excellent taste. Best planted on loamy mounds well prepared with manures. Plants are male or female. Remove most of the male plants once sex is identified. Male plants have a long, branching flower. Females have a smaller flower with small fruit that will set upon pollination. The birds love the fruit, as we are an organic farm we leave a couple of trees for them to devour. They are a creature of habit and will return to the same fruit (mostly) if left on the tree. Bagging fruit may also help or picking when colour change and ripening indoors. Wrapping in paper helps, keeping fruit at room temperature until ripe then refrigerating.

Makes great canopy shade for under story, permaculture planting. We plant herbs, chilli, zucchini, pumpkins etc 

  • Time - All year
  • Sow - 1cm deep - Seed sown in tall pots and planted out at 1.5m apart
  • Germination - up to 3 weeks
  • Bed type - Raised beds, Loamy and fertile, well manured
  • Watering - Drip or spray twice a day.
  • Position - Sunny
  • Harvest in 6 months


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